Video gaming can be dated back as far as the early 1950’s. However, it wasn't until the 1970's before it reached mainstream popularity. People are hooked with video arcade games and gaming consoles with joysticks and buttons which were all released to the public. It did not take long before the early online gaming era began to crawl into our personal computers and massively multiplayer games became available around the 1980’s
As the years passed and technology progressed, so did the gaming industry. Each game became more advanced, more addictive, more interactive and most importantly, more realistic. Today’s generation has undeniably more access to faster internet connectivity making the real-time gaming experience more compelling. Innovation has also paved its way to the gaming world creating games that are a bit more ‘exciting’ than the rest.
Since realistic game animation exists, games with a more mature theme also became extremely popular to many gamers worldwide. Three-dimensional online experience became possible and sex games became widely accepted and helped more than millions of users reach orgasm with ease at any time of the day.
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